2019/20 · Leer · Publication

Katharina John and Manfred W. Jürgens · At eye level

Photography and painting

At Eye Level, John and Juergens, Photography and Painting At Eye Level, John and Juergens, Photography and Painting

Photography and painting - a contrast? Both genres complement each other for John and Juergens. Our aesthetic sense has been influenced by painting for centuries, while photography has challenged and inspired painting since its invention in the first half of the 19th century.

John and Juergens - with references to great role models and a look at the new, working analogously in black and white with the camera and colored on the picture board.

The focus is on the portrait - direct, demanding and disturbing.

Photography and painting - mirror images of our being.

The illustrated book will be published at the end of October 2019 for the exhibition in Leer.
24 x 29 cm, Hardcover, 160 pages with 61 black and white photographs and 63 color illustrations, with a preface by Ulrich Tukur

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ISBN 978-3-940677-48-8
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